Brittish kittens - litter C


Date of birth 30.11.2017г

Father (title, nickname, breed, color) Сh.Gem Sweet Teddy Umka

Mother (title, nickname, breed, color) Orange Pekoe Hanrietta  

22.10.2018 from a couple (Orange Pekoe Hanrietta) и Умка (Gem Sweet Teddy Umka) five lovely babies were born. This time the stork brought 5 boys of amazing colors - a22, a22, a25, e24 and c22

You can buy a British kitten from C litter at the end of January 2019 .


As always, the children from Anrisha and Umka delight us not only with their delicate and unusual colors, but also with their excellent breed type. Beautiful head, excellent wool, playful and dignified British character. Kittens are already vaccinated for the first time and got their documents in their hands. We are waiting for loving pens !!!!

 If you want to buy kittens from this litter, please contact Senina Marina, phone: +375 29 680 5457
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