Brittish kittens - litter P


Date of birth    19.11.2019

Father (title, nickname, breed, color) Champion WCF Gem Sweet Aegishjalm

Mother (title, nickname, breed, color) Champion WCF Gem Sweet Barbariska

11/19/2019 long-awaited babies were born from a couple of Gem Sweet Barbariska and Agis (Gem Sweet Aegishjalm) 3 girls and 2 boys of lilac color. Despite the fact that the kittens are still small, they already have chic plush fur coats, small ears, a pedigree round head.

You have the opportunity to reserve any of the kittens.

Photos of kittens will be added as they grow.

If you want to buy kittens from this litter, please contact Vetrova Olesya: +375 29 618 94 28



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