Brittish kittens - litter I

british kitten

Date of birth 03.07.2017г

Father  (title, nickname, breed, color) Grand International Champion WCF Gem Sweet Smailing Mouse

Mother (title, nickname, breed, color) Champion WCF Orange Pekoe Nelly

From this litter remained a beautiful pedigree girl Ivi, a lilac tortoise.

The kitty has beautiful pedigree data - baby face, small wide ears, well-stuffed coat, and large bright eyes.

The girl has already visited the exhibition "Golden cat of the world", which was held in Minsk and received its first assessments from international experts:

03.02.2018 - Ex.1, CACJ - the expert Rudakova A.

04.02.2018 - Ex.1, CACJ - the expert Melnikova Ya.

This cat is great for participation in breeding work. Possible sale in breeding.

If you want to buy this  kitte, please contact Vetrova Olesya: +375 29 618 9428

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